UNESCO World Futures Day

by | Dec 5, 2022

In a video to mark the first UNESCO World Futures Day K D reminds us that we all really live in the future, and it deserves our informed consent rather than being determined by a technology narrative which disempowers us. Everyone is encouraged to reclaim their agency by imagining a different future.

To mark the first UNESCO World Futures Day K D is featured in a new video designed to promote global public awareness of the importance of the future as a concept.

In it she explains why for a human being their most important relationship is with the future. We think about the future three constantly, subconsciously running scenarios – imagining and anticipating what might come next. Even though we are often encouraged to live ‘in the moment’ we actually all live in the future.

UNESCO’s aim is to highlight the importance of collective intelligence leading to collective innovation for the emergence of short and long-term futures so K D encourages everyone to reclaim their agency and imagine an alternative future. Because the future isn’t something we consume, it’s something we create. And it deserves informed consent.

You can watch the video below.

Images © UNESCO/K D Adamson.com

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