Hacked Off article warns of The Great Clusterhack

by | Apr 5, 2024

Hacked Off article from K D Adamson warns of The Great Clusterhack, and LinkedIn is ground zero.

K D Adamson’s Hacked Off article warns that the collision of life hacking and gen AI means we are all now living through The Great Clusterhack, and LinkedIn is ground zero. But when it comes to presenting there is no Haynes Manual.

Writing on the Futurejacking blog K D says that if you really feel the need to let ChatGPT spout motivational quotes at you, or organise your inbox then fine, but when it comes to keynoting and presenting there are no hacks. Chat-GPT won’t make you a great communicator, but she and Alan Alda have 3 pieces of advice that might.

You can read and listen to K D Adamson read the article by clicking below.

Images © K D Adamson.com

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