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Writer. Film-maker. Keynote. Adviser

Leading futurist and ecocentrist K D Adamson argues that the most important relationship we have is with the future, and the future has got stuck in the past. Pinpointing the cherished societal and business certainties set to be dismantled as an accelerating global syndemic distorts our understanding of intrinsic value she fundamentally reframes the future that could, and should, replace them.

A writer, film-maker, keynote and presenter whose performances have been likened to a TED talk on steroids, she is a global authority on the sustainable transformation of business and expert in future business value creation, organisational transformation, ESG, leadership and the blue, green and circular economies. Her stellar client list spans every industry and includes major global brands, multi-nationals, governments, non-profits and NGOs.

short film: reframe the future


The Work

Key Themes

The future has got stuck in the past. It’s time to reframe it.

Reframing Business

Global business was a great start-up. But it isn’t going to scale.

In production: “Nobleization” Documentary

Nobleization: Can Business Survive the New Moral Age‘ documentary is in production.

Appearances & Masterclasses

Live Events

A TED talk on steroids

Global Keynotes

One of the top-rated female futurist keynote speakers in the world K D is loved by audiences and organisers alike, and her inspirational, high-energy performances have been likened to a TED-talk on steroids.

FutureWise Masterclasses

Intimate, intensive and interactive, these one-day masterclasses are a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with a trusted and inspirational guide to the future.


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