The Renegade Futurist 2024 Brochure

by | Mar 18, 2024

The Renegade Futurist 2024 Brochure covering keynote and presenting, workshops and masterclasses now available.

The Renegade Futurist 2024 brochure is now available! The updated brochure covers keynoting and presenting, workshops and masterclasses plus the wide range of formats K D can deliver together with technical riders and basic terms.

K D tackles all the hot-button issues, challenging assumptions and offering truly world-changing ideas and perspectives on geopolitics and society, the environment, economics, technology, business and enterprise.

Described as a ‘force of nature’, a ‘TED-talk on steroids’ and ‘a Tarantino movie where no-one died’ K D remains one of the top keynote speakers globally consistently delighting audiences across cultures, nationalities, societies and industry sectors. Her workshops and masterclasses continue to receive the highest of praise and appreciation with clients regularly describing them as ‘transformational’ and ‘outstanding’.

If you are organising an event or interested in receiving a copy of the 2024 brochure to find out more about K D’s work and availability then please do get in touch with us using our contact form, or by calling our Commercial Director Roger on +44 (0)207 127 4262.

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