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“Scarily smart”

For three years futurist K D Adamson has been dispensing regular doses of the tough love the shipping and maritime industry needs to reimagine itself for the digital age.

Now Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla brings together some of the best of her articles, covering everything from autonomous ships, cyber security and artificial intelligence, to the image of shipping, and the challenges and opportunities the industry faces as it seeks to reshape itself in the exponential age.

Fearless and unflinching, Adamson offers cutting-edge insight about where the industry is going and why, and hands out both criticism and credit where it’s due.

Astute, occasionally savage, but always delivered with her unique blend of humour and clear affection for shipping and the people in it, if you’re working in the industry and would like to stay that way in the future, this book should be both compass and bible.

Kate is an extremely well-respected thought leader in the industry. She encourages senior people to think about new technology, how their companies and the maritime industry needs to change, and what both will look like in decades to come.

Jim Dodez

KVH Industries

Kate dares to shake the tree of the maritime industry, dares to say the emperor is naked. New technologies are changing the playing field and she warns the industry of what is going to hit them and what can be done to embrace the future.

Filip Vanheer

Castor Marine

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Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla - on sale 8th May 2017

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