The Bureaucratic Singularity

The Future of Law & Regulation

Technology is moving exponentially whilst the bureaucracy and laws which regulate it remain on a linear path. Globally across industries we are approaching the point at which technology and its impacts outpace the ability of regulators and current frameworks to cope. But an unprecedented opportunity exists to use the technologies disrupting regulators in new ways. Digital products and services are different, requiring secure interoperable ecosystems of multiple stakeholders. Hyperconnected in real-time, radically transparent and hyper-rational these ecosystems can utilise data, AI and the blockchain to reinvent regulation. Leveraging contagious accountability to create a race to the top they will collaboratively regulate themselves and their evidence base could reshape the practice of law.


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In addition to large-scale keynotes for audiences worldwide K D also regularly works with smaller senior groups and boards, and larger corporate groups planning and leading visioning workshops to wireframe new opportunities and create an appetite for the future. She also participates in customer councils, leadership retreats and innovation summits around future trends and digital transformation for brands & companies.