Least Worst Option

The Future of Politics & Government

Winston Churchill famously described democracy as the least worst option for government, but new technologies, megatrends and generational mindsets may be forging a new paradigm. Could the Collaborative Commons, underpinned by blockchain technologies prompt a new ‘collaboratism’, combining both capitalist and socialist thinking but relying on neither the free market, nor a centralised state? Will we move beyond ideology to allow management of increased automation via a Universal Basic Income, devolving responsibility to the individual and prioritising sustainability over profit? What is the future for government, political ideologies and the nation state—particularly as hyperconnectivity and transportation erode digital and physical barriers and cultures?


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In addition to large-scale keynotes for audiences worldwide K D also regularly works with smaller senior groups and boards, and larger corporate groups planning and leading visioning workshops to wireframe new opportunities and create an appetite for the future. She also participates in customer councils, leadership retreats and innovation summits around future trends and digital transformation for brands & companies.