Better to Travel? - The Future of Travel & Tourism

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Already amongst the poster-boys for digital disruption the travel and tourism industry has been forced to adjust fast to the new realities of business in the DX (digital) Economy. But the disruption and the opportunity, is barely starting. Mixed and augmented reality and holograms will enable consumers to try-before-they-buy, whilst hotels and transportation modes can leverage the Intelligent Digital Mesh to manage increasing fragmentation of markets and develop true ‘segment of one’ propositions built around customers not products. From personalised food and beverages to curated ‘experiences’ businesses can use digital technologies to provide previously unimaginable levels of service. And with autonomous technology advancing it’s key to be scanning the horizon for completely new markets and business opportunities where autonomy, business and tourism intersect.


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In addition to large-scale keynotes for audiences worldwide K D also regularly works with smaller senior groups and boards, and larger corporate groups planning and leading visioning workshops to wireframe new opportunities and create an appetite for the future. She also participates in customer councils, leadership retreats and innovation summits around future trends and digital transformation for brands & companies.