The Future of Health and Wellness

Healthcare is at the beginning of a wholesale transformation driven by a range of breakthrough technologies, but it requires a cultural as much as an operational shift. As digital technologies widen participation, data is enabling personalised solutions on a massive scale. Access to that data and the insight gained from advanced analytics, together with the falling cost of technologies, therapies and treatments promises to democratise health, transitioning healthcare systems from hierarchies based on scarcity and illness, to collaborative ecosystems based around abundance and wellness.

Harnessing the exponentially growing breakthrough technologies including synthetic biology, genomics, portable diagnostics, 3D printing, wearables and smart materials is just one part of the opportunity though. The focus for healthcare needs to be far wider, taking into account the combinatorial effects of the tectonic shifts of the coming ‘e-naissance’. Encompassing trends like autonomy and unmanned transportation modes, blockchain, AI, robotics, gamification and the Maker Culture and exploring the potential new economic paradigm of the collaborative commons, the opportunity exists to completely reshape models of care, and deliver new kinds of value to societies via platforms for individuals to manage their own holistic wellness.


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In addition to large-scale keynotes for audiences worldwide K D also regularly works with smaller senior groups and boards, and larger corporate groups planning and leading visioning workshops to wireframe new opportunities and create an appetite for the future. She also participates in customer councils, leadership retreats and innovation summits around future trends and digital transformation for brands & companies.