digital conference keynotes

Re-inventing the Keynote for a Digital World

Still delivering despite the global pandemic, K D Adamson with The Futures Agency colleagues is blazing a new trail in high-end digital conference keynotes.

digital conference keynotes

No Facemasks Required – Top-rated Digital Keynotes for Online Audiences

As one of the top-rated female keynote speakers in the world K D is universally loved by audiences and highly valued by organisers for the huge breadth of hot-button themes she covers, and her talent for distilling them into simple, powerful, concrete and accessible concepts for diverse attendees.

With Coronavirus paralysing global companies and their events K D Adamson together with colleagues at The Futures Agency has been in the forefront of developing and refining the Digital Keynote. Making compelling content for online-only digital events is a different, tougher challenge with different skills demanded of keynote speakers.

Optimising content and technology together and reimagining rather than just duplicting stage formats is the key to creating high-impact and engaging keynotes, and organisers are recognising they need keynote speakers well versed and experienced in delivering a broadcast style.

Equally at home in front of a camera as a live audience and with access to a dedicated home studio and professional equipment and editors, K D Adamson creates powerful pre-recorded keynotes as short films which have been likened to mini-Netflix documentaries, combining her signature energy and dynamism with high-production values which have received hugely positive feedback from audiences, organisers and clients.

For clients wishing to live stream their event K D can join either at their own premises, or via a London television studio specialising in live streaming events. These types of engagements are booked and arranged in the same way as a live stage keynote.

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50 years ago ‘Futureshock’ was born and the Tomorrow Factory has been drinking its Kool-Aid ever since. But people aren’t scared of the future any longer, and they want it back. An inspirational, visionary speaker, writer, convenor and catalyst K D Adamson aims to empower a global community increasingly dissatisfied with the technology-defined ‘McFuture’ being served up, equipping individuals and businesses to reframe and reclaim it both individually and collectively.


“Truly world class”
Kuok Group Singapore

“An incredible tour-de-force”
Parag Khanna, Global Strategist

Bibop Gresta, Founder, Hyperloop Italia


Let's #reframe & #reclaim the future together

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