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Futurist | Author | Presenter | Keynote Speaker

Kate_Oslo_thumbFuturist K D Adamson is expert in the impact of new digital paradigms, the exponential growth of technologies, global megatrends and new generational mindsets on business and society.

Her mission is to identify and contextualise how the technology-enabled future will impact the lives and expectations of human beings, whilst equipping them with the information, insight and appetite to fully participate in its creation.

From the future of work, healthcare, education and regulation to resource scarcity, privacy, prediction, cyber security, connectivity and transparency she identifies how the combinatorial effects of a range of technologies will transform our lives radically in the coming decades, and offers a visionary perspective on the threats and the opportunities we face.

The CEO of Futurenautics Group, member of The Futures Agency, author, presenter and keynote speaker, she has advised a diverse range of major companies and organisations from FMCG, pharma, and high-tech manufacturing, to consumer electronics, feature film, publishing, advertising, big brands, TV and media companies and the EU and is the world’s foremost ‘blue’ futurist in shipping & maritime.

She has an extraordinary breadth of understanding of the strategic global economic, business and emerging technology context for the rapid changes every industry is experiencing, and consults and inspires leaders towards new digital visions and transformations, in addition to working with start-ups, institutional investors and private equity, shaping the exponential organisations of the future.

Kate is the author of the non-fiction book “Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla a fearless and unflinching collection of articles covering the future of the maritime and shipping industry in the digital age, and the cyber-thriller “PAYLOAD.”

K D Adamson has appeared worldwide on stages and in print, online, on radio and television on major networks including  ABC, Al Jazeera, BBC, Fox News, ITN, and NBC. She is represented for film, books and TV by Julian Friedmann at Blake Friedmann Literary, Film & TV agency in London, and by The Futures Agency and Futurenautics for her worldwide speaking engagements.

She spends an awful lot of time on aeroplanes.

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What you might not know about Kate

She has a weirdly encyclopaedic knowledge of 1980’s pop music, which is useful for nothing.

At 12 she was run down by a car doing more than 45mph, so by rights shouldn’t be here at all.

She is acknowledged as the inventor of the Slimfast Martini – dinner and drinks in one.

If accurate, her IQ puts her in the top 0.4% of the population. It remains the only test she has ever done well in.

Despite all her iPhone’s sophisticated assistance, she can’t take photos. Awful shots from airplanes a speciality.

If you’re ordering pizza then it’s pepperoni, sweetcorn and black olives. Thanks. And a gin martini.