the future deserves informed consent

The Work

The Work

the future needs informed consent

Leading futurist and ecocentrist K D Adamson argues that the most important relationship we have is with the future, and the future has got stuck in the past. Pinpointing the cherished societal and business certainties set to be dismantled as an accelerating global syndemic distorts our understanding of intrinsic value she fundamentally reframes the future that could, and should, replace them.

The Future is Not As Advertised

The future isn’t something we consume, it’s something we create. K D Adamson identifies several key themes that are shaping a very different tomorrow than the one ‘Big Future’ is trying to sell you.

Future of Business

“The future of business demands bold vision inspired by purpose, articulated authentically, executed consistently and translated effectively into sustainable, generative momentum.”

Film Projects

As a filmmaker K D Adamson tries to reframe our relationship with the future and engages with the big questions for societies, governments, businesses and individuals.

appearances & masterclasses

Live Events

A TED talk on steroids

Global Keynotes

One of the top-rated female futurist keynote speakers in the world K D is loved by audiences and organisers alike, and her inspirational, high-energy performances have been likened to a TED-talk on steroids.


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