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The Global Syndemic

The Coronavirus is just one element of a synergy of co-occurring epidemics across economics, health, ecology and technology which are chronic, complex, and point to a profound societal discontinuity, rather than a technological one.

the global syndemic

Coronavirus is just one part of an accelerating Global Syndemic, a synergy of chronic epidemics across health, economics, ecology and technology which signal a major societal discontinuity.

The Coronavirus shouldn’t be considered just as a pandemic but as one element of a Global Syndemic –  a synergy of co-occurring epidemics across economics, health, ecology and technology. Contemporaneous, chronic, complex, emergent, interdependent and reinforcing these epidemics share common underlying societal drivers and root causes.

The Global Syndemic points not to a looming technological discontinuity but a profound societal one which will be driven by four key paradigm shifts which all leaders need to understand.

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For 50 years the ‘Tomorrow Factory’’s focus on technology has reduced people and businesses to passive, disenfranchised consumers of a technology-defined future. Now, at a crucial turning point in our history K D Adamson empowers all of us to reframe and reclaim the ‘McFuture’, call time on exponential, and prepare for the great pivot beyond.

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