Intelligent Transportation

Building Smart Mobility Ecosystems

Intelligent mobility and the smart networks which will enable it is the future of transportation. From autonomous and unmanned vehicles to intelligent routing, decision-support, prediction, optimisation, cyber-security, sustainability and interoperability, the transportation networks of tomorrow will need new approaches and partnerships which can encompass new modes, from drones to airborne personal transportation and hyperloops. As off-planet industry gears up, and leisure travellers leave earth for the first time, new space-based transportation will also join the network.

Building and assuring the integrated digital and physical infrastructure, creating the cargo and personal transportation vehicles, gathering, analysing and utilising the massive data sets to create efficient, productive, safe, sustainable and intelligent networks that will enable personal independence and mobility and hyper-connected logistics chains will require entirely new partnerships. New legal and insurance challenges will need to be identified and solved, as will the impact of automation, robotics and AI on the current transportation workforce and the skillsets the industries require in future whilst new business models may see value created in different ways, via tokens and networks, impacting traditional investment strategies.

With sustainability a critical issue for all transportation, new energy sources, capture and storage technologies and the infrastructure to deliver security of operation will also be a core part of the intelligent mobility ecosystems.


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