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Futurist K D Adamson identifies how the combinatorial effects of a range of exponentially growing technologies, global megatrends and new generational mindsets will transform our lives radically in the coming decades.

More than a new industrial or machine age, she argues that we are entering the ‘e-naissance’ – the second Renaissance and the dawn of the exponential age, and offers a visionary perspective on its impact at both a global and individual level.

From the future of work, intelligent transportation, business, healthcare, education, government and regulation, to resource scarcity, privacy, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, cyber security, hyper-connectivity and radical transparency, she creates a frame of reference for how the e-naissance will change the lives and expectations of human beings, whilst equipping them with the information, insight and appetite to fully participate in its development.

An inspirational keynote speaker she has an extraordinary breadth of understanding of the strategic global economic, business and emerging technology context for the rapid changes every industry is experiencing and coaches leaders towards new digital visions and transformations. She also works with start-ups and investors shaping the exponential organisations and ecosystems of the future.

About K D Adamson: K D Adamson began her career in advertising on the Coca-Cola account at London agency McCann Erickson before moving into strategic global branding and marketing. Working with high-tech and new technology accounts, including the emerging e-reader market in the mid-2000s led her to focus on foresight and future trends.

She has advised a diverse range of major companies and organisations from FMCG, pharma, and high-tech manufacturing, to consumer electronics, feature film, publishing, advertising, big brands, TV and media companies and the EU, and is the world’s foremost ‘blue’ futurist in shipping & maritime.

The CEO of Futurenautics and a member of The Futures Agency, K D Adamson has appeared worldwide on stages and in print, online, on radio and television. She is also the author of fraud thriller Payload, and the non-fiction book Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla.

K D Adamson - Keynote & Presenter

K D Adamson is an experienced and highly-rated keynote speaker, host, chair and presenter and works closely with event organisers to deliver show-stopping keynotes which really engage audiences. Frequently described as ‘inspirational’, Kate tailors every keynote to its audience, but some of the main themes and topics that Kate has covered for audiences globally are below.

Kate is also frequently asked to lead smaller, senior groups, customer councils, leadership and innovation summits for individual brands, companies and organisations, and also as part of industry-wide summits and conferences

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The Future for Vertical Markets, Industries & Professions

K D Adamson has consulted and addressed a huge range of different market sectors and professions on the future they’re facing. The nature of her work means her topics are evolving daily.

Future of Business & Work

Innovation/Leadership/The DX economy/Transformation/Creating the digital vision for industries and companies/Gig Economy, exponential organisations/automation/people analytics, attitudes and managing cultural change

Future of Education

Future of Healthcare

Future of Law, Governance & Regulation

Future of Finance, Risk and Insurance

Future of Marketing, Advertising & PR

Cyber Security & Resilience

Future Smart Cities & Urban spaces

Future Intelligent Mobility

Future of Government & Public Services

Future of Space, Space Travel, Space Industries & Satellite

Future of Global Trade, Transport & Logistics

Future of Energy

Future of Media, TV, Films & Story Experiences

Future of Travel, Hotels & Hospitality

Future of Shipping & Maritime ‘Blue’ industries

Future ethics, morality and ideologies—religious & political

Industry 4.0 – new globalisation, the end of the mass market

List of topics
  • Increases in computing power, Cloud and Edge computing, 3rd Platform, Intelligent Digital Mesh, SMAC technologies
  • Connectivity – increases in speed and power enabling instant and perfect knowledge
  • Sensors, microprocessors, robotics,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Autonomy,
  • Blockchain & Tokens
  • Quantum Computing
  • Compact Nuclear Fusion & Tokomak reactors
  • Space – democratisation of access, off-planet settlements, asteroid mining, satellites & connectivity
  • The Internet of Everything/Industrial Internet, Big Data, analytics, predictive analytics
  • Smart materials, nanotechnology, coatings, carbon nanotubes
  • New energy sources, fuels and batteries, renewables, the energy internet
  • Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Sustainability – environment, business, growth, food – circular economy, collaborative consumption
  • Security – personal data, cyber-security, defence
  • People – Gen X, Y and Z, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, Millennial attitudes, privacy
  • Skills, people analytics, training, knowledge automation, gamification, diversity, neurofeedback and BCI (brain computer interfaces).
  • Manufacturing 3.0/Industry 4.0, 3-D & 4-D Printing, nearshoring/nextshoring, changing trade flows and consumer demand.
  • New digital business models, disintermediation, access over ownership, monetisation of idle assets, disaggregation of value chains, disruptive innovation, digital threats and opportunities.
  • Future of transport and logistics, drones, autonomous vehicles, impacts on business and consumers, intelligent transport systems, hyperloop.
  • Leadership, developing strategy and leading businesses in the digital age, new organisational structures, creating a digital vision for companies and industries – Big Hairy Audacious Goals and Massive Transformative Purpose
  • Regulatory, Legal and Insurance challenges in the digital age, the Bureaucratic Singularity
  • Impact of technology and the digital world on people’s daily lives, moral and ethical issues around privacy, sentient machines, responsibility and perception of risk, impact of the quantified self on health, healthcare, learning and education in the new machine age.