The story of the future
Futurist K D Adamson tells the story of the future. An inspirational keynote speaker, writer and presenter she offers a visionary perspective on the impact of global megatrends, breakthrough technologies and new generational mindsets and how they will radically transform our lives in the years ahead. K D advises a huge range of industries, coaching their leaders towards new digital visions and transformations and also works with start-ups and investors shaping the exponential organisations and ecosystems of the future.

In addition to large-scale keynotes for audiences worldwide K D also regularly works with smaller senior groups and boards, and larger corporate groups planning and leading visioning workshops to wireframe new opportunities and create an appetite for the future. She also participates in customer councils, leadership retreats and innovation summits around future trends and digital transformation for brands & companies.

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You are a rockstar! What an impact! thank you so much for your inspirational key note, I have never ever got so much great feedback.
Annika Elfstrom

Head of Digital Transformation Lab, Stena Group AB

Kate-  AKA K D Adamson  – was excellent.  Her presentation was exactly the right mix of scene setting, innovation and technology future gazing. It went down very well!  She was also very easy to work with and by the end of the event I felt she was part of our innovation team. Please do pass on our heartfelt thanks to Kate.
Anjuu Trevedi

Anjuu Trevedi, Head of Regional Business Engagement, Research and Enterprise Division, University of Leicester

I cannot thank you enough for energizing us with your infectious passion and absolute focus on pushing boundaries with our leaders. Your message was delivered right on point and artfully. Truly world class!
Melissa Kee

Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Kuok Group Singapore

A top-rated keynote speaker, host, and presenter K D Adamson works closely with clients to deliver show-stopping keynotes which really engage audiences. Frequently described as ‘inspirational’, every keynote is tailored to its audience, but you can find some of the main themes and topics that K D Adamson has covered for events globally below. She is also frequently asked to lead smaller, senior groupscustomer councilsleadership and innovation summits for brands & companies.


  • Exponential increases in computing power, Cloud and Edge computing, 3rd Platform, Intelligent Digital Mesh, SMAC technologies, cryptographic anchors
  • Global connectivity – satellite – HTS, nanosats, mega constellations, 5G, Cognitive Networked High Frequency Radio
  • Sensors, actuators, microprocessors, robotics,
  • Cognitive computing – Artificial Intelligence – narrow & general – Machine and Deep learning, bots, human-machine interfaces,
  • Autonomy and driverless/unmanned operations
  • Web 3.0 – Blockchain & Tokens, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts & oracles, Decentralised Autonomous Organisations,
  • Nuclear fusion – Compact Nuclear Fusion & Tokomak reactors
  • The Internet of Everything/Industrial Internet, Big Data, analytics, predictive analytics, the Economy of Things
  • Smart materials, nanotechnology, coatings, carbon nanotubes molecular assemblers,
  • Robotics, cobots, adaptive automation, human-centred automation
  • Drones, heavy-lift cargo drones, hyperloop
  • CRISPR gene editing, Organoids (3D printed organs), DNA-based computing, The Microbiome, Transhumanism
  • Quantum Computing, cryptography & entanglement
  • The 4th platform – ambient computing, augmented humanity
  • Wearables, personalised healthcare, diagnostics
  • New and renewable energy sources, fuels and batteries/storage, the energy internet
  • Holograms, haptic feedback, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Cyber security, encryption, biohacking, biometrics, cyber resilience & defence
  • Smart, distributed networks
  • Brain Computer Interfaces, neurofeedback , cyborgs
  • Space 2.0 – democratisation of access, space travel, off-planet settlements, asteroid mining, satellites & connectivity
  • Gamification, MOOCs, personalised learning & education technologies


  • Radical Transparency & Hyper Rationality
  • Engaging tribes – Gen X, Y and Z, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, Millennial attitudes,
  • Work of the future, skills, people analytics, training, knowledge automation, gamification
  • Gender & cognitive diversity, EQ v. AI, creating women leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Manufacturing 3.0/Industry 4.0, 3-D & 4-D Printing, nearshoring/nextshoring, changing trade flows and consumer demand.
  • New digital business models, disintermediation, access over ownership, monetisation of idle assets, disaggregation of value chains,
  • Innovation – disruptive v incremental innovation, sources and corporate strategies, digital threats and opportunities.
  • The DX Economy
  • Future of transport and logistics, drones, autonomous vehicles, hyperloop, impacts on business and consumers
  • The Physical Internet (PI)
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems, on and off-planet
  • Leadership, developing strategy and leading businesses in the digital age, new organisational structures, creating a digital vision for companies and industries – Big Hairy Audacious Goals and Massive Transformative Purpose
  • The Bureaucratic Singularity – Regulatory challenges in the digital age
  • Impact of technology on human relationships, moral and ethical issues around privacy, sentient machines, responsibility and perception of risk,
  • Impact of the quantified self on health, healthcare,
  • Future of learning and education in the new machine age.
  • Resource scarcity & sustainability, environment, food security
  • Cyber security, resilience, threats – individual, global, corporate – cyber resilience as an opportunity for digital competence
  • Food of the future – lab-grown meat, new protein sources, vertical farming, agritech
  • Future of finance, money and insurance
  • Ecosystem development, general purpose technology platforms and vertical market sunsetting
  • The Segment of One, hyper-personalisation
  • Africa’s digital future
  • The Circular Economy
  • The Collaborative Commons
  • Smart cities
  • Geopolitics & ideologies in the future, the nation state,new societies, rise of the 4th sector, universal basic income
  • Future value and values, decline of the attention economy, return on engagement v return on investment
  • Personal data security, digital responsibility
  • Blue domain, new sea-based settlements, USVs, fishing & aquaculture, ocean industries of the future – sea-bed mining & algae production,

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