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Invent Horizon

The global consumer economy was a great start-up but it won’t scale. Innovation and disruption has to give way to invention and integration and the McFuture jettisoned before escape becomes impossible.

invent horizon

The economy was a great start-up that won’t scale, innovating and disrupting has to give way to inventing and integrating a new future

The global consumer-driven economy was a great start-up but it won’t scale and Post-Covid-19 we must shift to circular, low-to-no growth sustainable economies. We can’t innovate and disrupt the existing system but invent and integrate a new one.

Companies must price in externalities and prioritise resilience over rationalisation to avoid massive market failures, kill innovation and invent new futures before they get sucked into oblivion.

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Reframe & Reclaim global horizons

For 50 years the ‘Tomorrow Factory’’s focus on technology has reduced people and businesses to passive, disenfranchised consumers of a technology-defined future. Now, at a crucial turning point in our history K D Adamson empowers all of us to reframe and reclaim the ‘McFuture’, call time on exponential, and prepare for the great pivot beyond.

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