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K D Adamson is the founder and CEO of Futurenautics where she consults and advises organisations around the world.
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The question we need to be asking about the future isn’t, “what’s going to change?”
It’s “what isn’t going to change?”

A range of global megatrends are colliding headlong with breakthrough technologies experiencing exponential growth.

The combinatorial effect of these, together with new generational mindsets, is accelerating change and creating disruption on a previously unthinkable scale.

From abundant energy to synthetic biology, nanotechnology, robotics and the infinite extension of human life, the world is likely to change more in the coming decades than it has done for centuries.

The impact on human lives and experiences – health, education, work, security, finance, government, defence, communities, ethics, belief systems and ideologies – will be immense.

Yet most people have yet to grasp the enormity of the change coming their way.

Futurenautics exists to identify and contextualise how the technology-enabled future will impact the lives and expectations of human beings whilst equipping them with the information, insight and appetite to fully participate in its creation.

Futurenautics works with individuals and organisations of all types and all sizes, in every industry you can think of, to drive a better understanding of what the future is likely to look like, and why. It helps create the digital vision and transformations that will benefit businesses, consumers and society around the world.
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