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If you’d like to connect with us about any of K D’s activities you can use the forms below, and we will respond to you as fast as we can. For event organisers and agencies, please be sure to visit our dedicated Event Organisers page which has a range of helpful resources.

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a fresh visionary for a new era

Reframe & Reclaim global horizons

For 50 years the ‘Tomorrow Factory’’s focus on technology has reduced people and businesses to passive, disenfranchised consumers of a technology-defined future. Now, at a crucial turning point in our history K D Adamson empowers all of us to reframe and reclaim the ‘McFuture’, call time on exponential, and prepare for the great pivot beyond.

Let's #reframe & #reclaim the future together

For more information about how we can #reframe and #reclaim the future together, get in touch.