Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla – For three years futurist K D Adamson has been dispensing regular doses of the tough love the shipping and maritime industry needs to reimagine itself for the digital age. Now Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla brings together some of the best of her articles, covering everything from autonomous ships, cyber security and artificial intelligence, to the image of shipping, and the challenges and opportunities the industry faces as it seeks to reshape itself in the exponential age. More

Damaged. Disgraced. Dishonest. Deadly. And they’re the good guys. Meet Global Fraud’s Dirty Half-Dozen.

Off the Horn of Africa a whistle-blowing Chief Engineer is murdered by Somali pirates. At London’s ancient Execution Dock a shipping insurance broker walks into the Thames weighted down with bricks. And on a beach in Holland the grisly remains of the journalist that connected the two wash up.

Invisible and untraceable, Puppet Masters own nothing but control everything, and one’s planning to hold the world to ransom. Drew Rydstrom knows that hunting them is a lethal business, but for him, and the maverick group of disgraced pariahs he leads, it’s still better than the alternative.  They’re uniquely qualified to stop the killing—if Drew can just stop them killing each other first.

Unravelling the Puppet Master’s complex, deadly web takes them on a high-stakes, high-tech, high-octane pursuit, as they expose a fraud that’s literally out of this world. Only to discover that someone’s been pulling their strings all along, and when it comes to big money the only honour left is amongst thieves.  More